Do you look forward to any Holiday feast?
Do you have a certain ritual for eating things like pancakes? cereal? buttering & jamming your biscuit?
Do you like Halloween candy?
Can you ignore the temptation of licking the spoon when making any type of butter?
Do you eat your sandwich with one hand or both?
Do you believe in elbows up policy?
Do you eat yo sandwich in 'The Hunch' or 'Italian Stance'?
Have you been so stuffed you literally unbutton yo pants?
Is the real reason or part of going to the movies the popcorn?
Do you menu surf online read foodie blogs on the reg?
Is one reason you go to festivals the food?
Have you ever licked your elbow to catch the juices from a sandwich?
Does any of this apply to you? Welcome to the club - You are now an official FAT BOY!


Well, it's a term of endearment. It has nothing to do with size or gender, but has everything to do with the love of food! Everyone can be a FAT BOY!